The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy 
 Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership and Action

Moses  Calvin & Farrel Pierre Viret Martin Bucer Augustine Richard Baxter John Calvin

Associate Degree Program

60-64 Credit Hours Required

NOTE: Students are permitted to take 6-9 credits of electives from any of the other course listings in addition to the required courses below. Substitution of certain courses are permitted in order to focus on the student's interest and goals.

Studies In Worldviews

WRLDV I 101 Advancing the Kingdom- 3credits
WRLDV II 102 Christian Thought - 3credits
WRLDV III 210 Christian Culture and Social Theory - 3credits
WRLDV IV 220 Christian Society, Law and Life - 3credits
WRLD REL 320 World Religions - 3credits

Total 15 Credits

Studies in Theology & Religion

SYS THEO A 101 Systematic Theology - 3credits

Total 3 Credits

Studies in Biblical Law

BIBL LAW 101 Introduction to Biblical Law - 3credits
BIBL LAW 200 Institutes of Biblical Law I - 6credits

Total 11 Credits

Christian Counseling

PTR 200 Christian Character V – 3 Credits

Total 3 Credits

Studies in Biblical Economics

BIBL ECO 101 Introduction to Biblical Economics - 3credits
BIBL ECO 220 Biblical Stewardship - 4credits
BIBL ECO 300 The Theology of Work - 4credits

Total Credits 11

Studies in Christian History
HIST 300 History of the Reformation - 4credits
HIST 310 The Reformation’s Impact of Western Civilization - 4credits
HIST 320 Historical Theology - 4credits

Total Credits 12