The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy 
 Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership and Action

Moses  Calvin & Farrel Pierre Viret Martin Bucer Augustine Richard Baxter John Calvin

Bachelor Degree Program

130 Credit Hours Required

All courses from the Associate Degree Program list plus 48 credit hours in the following:

NOTE: Students are permitted to take 15-18 credits of electives from any of the other course listings in addition to the required courses below. Substitution of certain courses are permitted in order to focus on the student's interest and goals.

Studies in Theology

SYS THEO III Ecclesiology – 3 Credits
SYS THEO IV Eschatology – 4 Credits
THEO 400 Covenant Theology – 4 Credits
THEO 420 Old Testament Survey 4 Credits
THEO 430 New Testament Survey 4 Credits
NTT 410 New Testament Theology 4 Credits

Total Credits 23

Studies in Christian Philosophy

PHIL 200 Introduction to Christian Philosophy – 3 Credits
PHIL 240 Christian Apologetics – 3 Credits
PHIL 250 Defending the Faith – 3 Credits
PHIL 260 Presuppositional Christian Apologetics – 3 Credits
ART 200 Christian Philosophy of the Visual Arts – 2 Credits

Total Credits 14


BIBL LAW 220 Institutes of Biblical Law II - 4credits
BIBL LAW 240 Theonomic Apologetics - 4credits

8 Credits

Christian History and Culture

HIST 300 History of the Reformation – 4 Credits
HIST 310 The Reformation’s  Impact on western Civilization – 4 Credits

Total 8 Credits