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Graduate & Seminary School


MACS : Master of Applied Christian Studies

SYS THEO 500   Advanced Systematics     6 Credit Hours
COV THEO 400  Covenant Theology   4 Credit Hours
OTS 400            Old Testament Survey   4 Credit Hours
NTS 400            New Testament Survey   4 Credit Hours
NTT 400            New Testament Theology   4 Credit Hours
BIBL 300           Hermeneutics   4 Credit Hours
PTA 400            Philosophy, Theology & Apologetics    6 Credit Hours
HIST 380          Church History   4 Credit Hours
THEO 620        Historical Theology   6 Credit Hours

MAR : Master of Applied Religion

All of the Above courses plus:

PHIL  400   Advanced Apologetics  
6 Credit Hours
HIST 440   Historiography  4 Credit Hours
HIST 420   Reformation History   4 Credit Hours
THEO 440  Distinctives of the Reformed Faith   4 Credit Hours
HIST  460  The Life and Global Influence of John Calvin   4 Credit Hours
HIST  490  The Gospel of the Reformation   4 Credit Hours

M. Div. Master of Divinity

All of the Above courses plus:

BIBL 325  Rhetoric   4 Credit Hours
BIBL 320 Homiletics  4 Credit Hours
PTR 400  Pastoral Theology I     4 Credit Hours

PTR 420  Pastoral Theology II   4 Credit Hours
PTR 500  Pastoral Theology III  4 Credit Hours
PTR 520  Noutheic Counseling   6 Credit Hours

MAPS : Master Of  Applied Political Theology

Political Theology Course Descriptions

POLY THEO 400 Cycles of American Political Thought  6 Credit Hours
THEO 410 350 Years of Christendom in American History  6 Credit Hours
THEO 420 A History of Biblical Freedom 6 Credit Hours
THEO 430 The Christian concept of the American Mind 6 Credit Hours
THEO 440 Christianity and Islam: History, Interpretation & Analysis
THEO 450 The United State, Christianity & The Middle East
THEO 460 A Christian view of Diplomatic History

PHIL 210 - Constitutional  Philosophy (A Biblical Perspective)  4 Credit Hours
PHIL 220 - Christian Political Philosophy 4 Credit Hours

*All 'General Studies' on the Master Graduate  Level are basically structured as the undergrad courses with the additional required assigned materials and thesis. This includes Biblical Economics, Philosophy, Christian Education, Biblical Government, History of Christendom Christian , Biblical Law, Christian Counseling, Political Policy among others, which are taught from an expressly Biblical and Historically Christian perspective.

Graduate Biblical Economic Schedule

BIBL ECO 300 - Biblical Economics
4 Credits
BIBL ECO 310 - Fundamentals of Biblical Economics 3 Credits
BIBL ECO  320 - Applied Biblical Economics  3 Credits
BIBL ECO 400 - Christian History of Money and Banking 4 Credits
BIBL ECO 420 - The Theology of Work 4 Credits
BIBL ECO 460 - A Biblical Analysis of the Federal Reserve 4 Credits
BIBL ECO 480 - A Biblical Analysis of Mises and Bastiat 4 Credits
BIBL ECO 500 - The Dominion Covenant: A Economic Commentary on the Bible Vol1 4 Credits

Th.d. Doctorate Degrees 

Doctoral studies in Puritan and American Theological Development Th.d.
Doctoral studies in Christian Education  Th.d.
Doctoral studies in the Christian Philosophy of History Th.
Doctoral studies in Presbyterianism 
Doctoral studies in Political Science, Philosophy & Government  Th.
Doctoral studies in Evangelism & Revival  Th.
Doctoral studies in Authentic Christianity  Th.
Doctoral studies in Biblical Economics  Th.d.
Doctoral studies in Biblical Hermeneutics Th.

Doctoral studies in Biblical Law  Th.d

Optional & Additional Course Sequence
These along with many other undergraduate courses can be prepared as a graduate level
course and then added to the Master degree or Doctoral Degree Program

BIBL LAW 400 Institutes of Biblical Law Vol 1   6 Credit Hours
BIBL LAW 420 Institutes of Biblical Law Vol 2   6 Credit Hours

Master Degree courses are each 3-6 credit hours with a scheduled course fee @ $100 per credit hour.
Th.d tracts are assigned a course fee of $3500 for each tract of study.
Th.d degree programs may require Additional courses from the M.Div Program series depending upon the topic.

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